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The Effects of Religion on Children
Senior Paper
The project
About the author

Student research project

Purpose:  To educate parents/guardians on both the negative and positive effects of religion on childhood development.
Hi, my name is Isaac Wigley and I am a senior at Westmont High School. Last year I began teaching students with the Madrich, or student teacher, program at my synagogue. During my work experience I assisted teaching sixth graders and kindergartners.  Thus, it seems perfectly natural that my senior project would be on the effects of religion on children, specifically those effects that are noticeable as a teacher. However, I decided that since I already viewed religion from a strongly positive attitude i would explore the negatives in my research paper. The first link shows my entire eight page report with citations from the sources I quoted on the negative effects of religion on childhood development.
After I completed my research paper the second stage of my project was to experience the teaching aspects of religion.  I have lead a class in a religious lesson with supervision from the regular religious school teacher, after carefully examining the best teaching methods. My lesson plan, and my thoughts regarding that new experience are found on link two.
On the last page there is a brief bio highlighting my accomplishments before, after, and during the senior project. I hope you enjoy this website, thank you for visiting.  

"Will simply giving children a specific religion disrupt their quest for answers?"

"One can conclude that the best way for religion to ensnare adults is by "reaching" them as children, in one way or another."