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The Effects of Religion on Children


Senior Paper
The project
About the author
The project

Teaching and assisting students in the classroom

My project was to teach and assistant teach religious school students Hebrew chanting, and basic concepts. I have spent between six and a half and seven hours weekly assisting teachers in the classroom, and supervising the students through activities, including their time in Tefilah, where they pray. Through this job I have learned more about the Hebrew language then when I first had my Bar Mitzvah, a true understanding of basic prayers and tropes, and a newfound respect for middle school students, who never cease to shock me with their ability to apply themselves, usually without much complaint. The part of my project that truly allowed me to grow was on March 18, when I actually taught the students a portion of the V'ahavta, an important Jewish prayer, with the regular teacher assisting me, instead of vice versa. This experience allowed me to see the difficult, yet rewarding job of a teacher, while enabling me to positively teach the aspects of religion that I admire and respect. The lesson plan for my day is shown below.

March 18, 2004


  1. Read through the Daled service pages 145-159.
  2. Chant:

    -The blessing after the Haftarah (emphasizing that Hafdoes not mean halfand that Haftarah actually means "at the end of," the Torah, or an elaboration) p.145

    -Etyz Chayim p.147

    -Aleinu p.149

    -Eyn Keloheinu p.159

  3. Review Vahavta


-Emphasize the munach, and its two different sounds.

-Split up reading into sections, divided by the comas.

-State that the sound of tvir is the same as the chanting of amen.

Goals: To emphasize the importance of chanting and understanding how to properly pronounce the listed prayers. To provide a deeper knowledge of trope, or the way words are pronounced through the activity including the "breaking up" or phrases from the Vahavta. Lastly, to challenge the students to learn through motivation, encouragement, and positive attitude.

With complete lesson plan

The prayers mentioned above can be found in a gray sedur, or prayer book, entitled Gates of Prayer.